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The Definitive Guide to Rave Props: Totems, Flags, and Everything Else

Rage hard, squad out, have a blast.

Kandi is great, Kandi is rad, but raves and music festivals are not just about Kandi alone. In this post, we’ll take you through all the cool shit that you’d typically see at any rave worth its salt.

Light Gloves

rave gloves

As with all things rave, you can’t go wrong with bright lights and flashy colors. Light gloves are basically regular gloves with LED bulbs at the fingertips, which is a lot cooler than it sounds because these gloves allow you to give light shows to others. A light show (more commonly known as gloving) involves making patterns with the light from the LEDs, and never ceases to amaze even the most hardened festival goers.

Hula Hoops and Spinning Wheels of Fucking Death (Orbits)

rave hula hoops

Music festivals are the perfect occasions to embrace your inner child, and what better way to rejoice in the miracle of life than with hula hoops? Okay, we're exaggerating a little, but you gotta admit these pimped out LED hula hoops are pretty damn cool.

It’s also rather easy to spot ravers playing with orbits - which are those LED discs spinning on a string. Orbits are really great for light shows too because it just looks so dope! An experienced performer will have his orbit flying all around you, leaving mesmerizing trails of light in its wake, and a common trick is for them to bring the orbit as close to your eyes as possible. The lights are extra pretty at that distance, but they can also be dangerous so do exercise some caution and try not to go blind (hence, spinning wheels of fucking death).

You can find both the light gloves and the orbits on Amazon - it's extremely easy to get started.


rave totem

The totem is hands-down, our favorite rave prop of all time. A totem is any object attached to a long pole, that can be used as a way to locate your squad in a sea of head banging ravers. What makes it such an amazing prop is the extent to which you can express your individuality. You can literally affix anything to a stick and it’s pretty much a totem.

The trickiest part of the totem is having an easily extendable pole that you can shorten at will to make carrying easier, while being able to extend it when in the mosh pit. We’ve found some telescoping poles popular with ravers and you can get them here.


rave flags

Some raves pride themselves with the ability to attract festival goers from all around the world (e.g. Ultra Music Festival), and an international crowd naturally creates an environment where everybody wants to know where everybody else comes from. National flags are a great rave prop to be flying or carrying around, while reppin’ the motherland.

Country flags aside, printed flags can also be seen at raves. These are similar to totems in that you can print whatever you want, and people usually fly them at the end of an extensible pole too.

Kaleidoscope Goggles

rave googles

Do you remember peering into kaleidoscopes as a child, and being amazed at the way light refracts through the tube? Now, imagine having kaleidoscopes for eyes at a music festival with blow-your-brains-out light shows. That’s the experience you’re in for with a pair of kaleidoscope goggles. Bear in mind that a good pair of goggles can cost quite a penny, but fret not for there are always gracious ravers that bring a pair just for others to try (all in the spirit of PLUR).

If you’re interested, you can pick up a pair here.

We hope this post inspires you to make your own rave props for your next big music festival, and to enrich your party experiences. Just remember that raves are about expression, and don’t try too hard to impress. Be creative, always do what makes you happy, and most importantly, remember to always be about the good vibes.

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