Peace, Love, Unity, Respect.

Often abbreviated as PLUR, what started out as a catchy slogan in the 90s, grew ferociously with the proliferation of EDM into the 21st century (Origins of PLUR). Today, PLUR is synonymous with the good vibes and feels experienced at music festivals. But what does that actually mean?

Peace, with others and within self. Only through Peace can one learn to accept the imperfections of others as well as come to terms with our own flaws.

Love, everyone unconditionally and be loved unconditionally. Love is what brings us together. By allowing everyone the chance to feel and be a part of that Love we are creating bonds that transcend race, gender, and disability. Bonds that last forever not limited by distance, time, or hate.

Unity, through our experiences and our journey through life. We are all united through our common experiences and it is this very unity that makes us strong. With this strength, we have the ability to create the change we want to see in the world.

Respect, everyone and everything, especially yourself. All life deserves respect. This respect is seen and felt by others who may be outside the PLUR circle. Our respect in part begets respect, and that is how we grow and pass our values onto future generations.

So, you might be wondering by now, what does PLUR have to do with Kandi? (If you’re unsure what Kandi is, we gotchu fam). As with everything cool that millennials want to share with their friends, PLUR is best embodied with a handshake.

How to perform the PLUR handshake

The handshake is pretty simple. First, form a peace sign with someone you would like to trade Kandi with.

Then, each party forms one half of a heart (love).

Next, you join your hands together with palms flat against each other (unity).

This is followed by the interlocking of fingers (respect), and you may now proceed to slide your Kandi over to their wrist and vice versa.

And there you have it. Although PLUR is not necessary for a rave to be considered a rave, it sure injects some personality and fun into a music festival. Raves can be tiring at times, but always keep the PLUR culture in mind and be open to making new friends.

As always, having good Kandi naturally makes for more enjoyable trades. Have fun, and rage on!