Light shows are one of my favorite things about a rave.

No, I’m not talking about the laser sets that accompany a DJ’s set. I’m talking about when regular ravers like you and me bring rave toys into a music festival, to create amazing works of art using simple LED lights.

Typically, there’s an entire range of different light toys you’d see, but today we’ll be talking about some of the more common ones.

Light Gloves

As with all things rave, you can’t go wrong with bright lights and flashy colors. Gloving is basically a light show you put on using regular gloves with LED bulbs at the fingertips. If you’re ever lucky enough to receive a show, treat it with respect. Gloving is an art, and it takes an incredibly skilled glover to melt your face off. Definitely one of my favorite rave toys because of how creative you can be with it.

Hula Hoops & Spinning Wheels of Death (Orbits)

Music festivals are the perfect occasions to embrace your inner child, and what better way to rejoice in the miracle of life than with hula hoops? Okay, we’re exaggerating a little, but you gotta admit these pimped out LED hula hoops are pretty damn cool.

It’s also rather easy to spot ravers playing with orbits, which are LED discs spinning on a string. Orbits are really great for light shows too because it just looks so dope! An experienced performer will have his orbit flying all around you, leaving mesmerizing trails of light in its wake, and a common trick is for them to bring the orbit as close to your eyes as possible.

Be careful though. The lights are extra pretty at that distance, but they can also be dangerous so do exercise some caution and try not to go blind (hence, spinning wheels of fucking death).

Levitation Wands

This shit is pure black magic I tell you. Levitation wands are basically magic sticks attached to your fingers via a thin nylon string, right smack in the wand’s center of gravity. Swinging the wands around creates a centrifugal force that keeps the wand upright – thereby creating the illusion of levitation.

Pretty amazing stuff.

Kaleidoscopic Goggles

Okay, goggles aren’t really like the other rave toys, but it’s still a pretty common prop that ravers bring to music festivals.

Remember peering into kaleidoscopes as a child, and being amazed at the way light refracts through the tube? Now, imagine having kaleidoscopes for eyes at a music festival with blow-your-brains-out light shows. That’s the experience you’re in for with a pair of kaleidoscope goggles.

A good trippy pair of crystal diffraction glasses can cost quite a penny and if interested, you can pick up a steampunk-inspired pair here. However, you don’t necessarily have to purchase the goggles to experience them. In the spirit of PLUR, it’s fairly common to see ravers sharing their goggles.

We hope this post inspires you to experience or master a rave toy for your next big music festival. Just remember, raves are about expression, and don’t try too hard to impress. Be creative, do what makes you happy, and most importantly, always be about the good vibes.